15 To 33 Months

The long term positive impact seeds of Montessori truly begin to take root at the Toddler age.


15 To 33 Months

The long term positive impact seeds of Montessori truly begin to take root at the Toddler age.

PVMA - Toddler - Beyond Traditional Childcare

Learning that goes far beyond traditional childcare

The Montessori philosophy values stability over time, which is why your child will stay with the same teacher for multiple years. This extended time period with teachers enables children to bond with their teacher on a deeper lever. Most importantly, it allows the teachers to develop and implement a long-term, individualized learning plan for your child.

A simple and orderly environment with a clear, consistent structure and limited choices.

Dr. Montessori realized that much of the toddler’s varied emotions (tantrums included) come from being out of control of their daily tasks, or from being in an environment not suited to his or her needs. Thus, our classrooms are child-sized–and, equally importantly, orderly. Your child will know what to expect each day and where to find his favorite activity. We also offer him limited choices, so he can choose without being overwhelmed.

PVMA - Toddler - Simple and Orderly

Concentrating on the refinement of all their senses, from visual to audible to touch.

Our toddler classrooms also contain a selection of simpler sensorial exercises–such as knobbed cylinders, puzzles and stacking exercises–which help the children in developing their fine motor skills and their abilities to observe and solve problems. Our teachers lead the children in song, dance and a variety of other gross motor exercises that offer them the opportunity to jump, climb, balance, crawl or skip.

Four teachers to each classroom.

Our toddler environments have a lower teacher-child ratio with teams of four teachers in each classroom. We know that the on-on-one time we give to your child helps them to build on their abilities and skills, as well as confidence.

* We don’t always offer teams of 4

PVMA - Toddler - Low Ratios
PVMA - Toddler - Self-Help Skills

Learning the self - help skills that lead to independence from constant adult help.

Special “practical life” exercises break down daily tasks into manageable steps, and enable repeated practice to achieve mastery. Toddlers often are in a frustrating position: they want to do things for themselves, but do not know how. Many tantrums can be avoided by enabling children to do things for themselves when they are eager to do so.

Nurturing their budding language skills.

Toddler age children have a special sensitivity for learning language they hear spoken around them. We offer creative and intriguing linguistic concepts to expand their growing vocabularies. They participate in conversations, listen to stories, classify objects and learn songs and poems. Older toddlers even get introduced to phonetic awareness through games that task them to isolate and repeat the beginning sounds of words—an advanced skill often taught in kindergarten in other settings!

PVMA - Toddler - Language - crop so the center is showing in the callout
PVMA - Toddler - Live With Others

We gently guide your child to live peacefully with others through role modeling and language development.

We guide the children to hang up their own jacket or apron and put work in its proper place on the shelf. We encourage them to problem-solve rather than say “I can’t.” Because children this age have a strong tendency to imitate what they see, our teachers constantly model appropriate social skills, good manners and consideration for others. Our skilled teachers also show your child how to use words to identify their own feelings, and the feelings they observe in others. By teaching these skills at a young age, your child is better set up for social interactions in the future.

Toddler Routines and Activities

  • 7:00am — 8:30am
Arrival/Daily Greeting/Contact With Parents
  • 8:30am — 11:30am
Morning Work
– Cycle (snack available)
  • 11:45am — 12:45pm

Lunch and Recess

  • 12:30pm — 12:45pm

Half – Day Pick – Up

  • 1:00pm — 3:00pm


  • 3:00pm — 6:00pm

Snack/After School Activities


"They were attentive to our child's specific needs."

When we started our child at PVMA, every member of the staff welcomed us very warmly. They were attentive to our child’s specific needs and worked with us to develop a transition plan that worked for everyone. Our child is thriving in his PVMA classroom, learning so much every day! It’s clear that his teachers are invested in the school’s philosophy and take great care with each child.
-Jillian D.

"I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy community."

Peaceful Valley is a truly wonderful education program. The owners, directors, and teachers are all warm,educated, and understanding. Peaceful Valley practices authentic Montessori method while also providing before and after school programs, summer program, and multiple extra curricular activities. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of the Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy community.
-Ashley Y.

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