33 Months to 6 Years

Authentic Montessori education nurtures the habits of proven life success traits; joy in the moment, perseverance, self-reliance, and love of learning.


33 Months to 6 Years

Authentic Montessori nurtures the habits of proven life success traits; joy in the moment, perseverance and self-reliance, and love of learning.

PVMA - Primary - Practical Life

Practical Life

Create happy links to home as your child’s independence grows. Familiar activities like polishing, folding laundry and sewing all help in your child’s conquest of independence, with the added benefit of simultaneously strengthening their fine motor skills.


Refine your child’s senses as they explore and discover the world. The Montessori Method’s sensorial tools require children to match scents, sounds, colors and more. These tools are designed to isolate a specific sense to allow your child to further develop their sense of touch, sight, taste, sound, smell and propioception to allow your child to beceome more aware of their bodies and the environment around them. Using purposefully designed materials, such as “sound cylinders” that make different noises, the games and extensions are endless!

PVMA - Primary - Love for Language


We want your child to fall in love with language, and the wide array of linguistic materials in the classroom take advantage of the young child’s desire to communicate. Over the three year work cycle, your child will expand their vocabulary, learn to recognize letters and their phonetic sounds, and even how to write and read!


Hands-on math experiences make a life-long impact. Your child can grasp numbers through the use of our math materials, like our “100 square”. Not only seeing the symbol for 1, 1000 or ½, they hold each in their hand: demonstrating to themselves the basics of arithmetic. Their learning is lasting as they can easily count, share, separate and compare numbers in this fun and tactile way.

Children’s House

The Children’s House encourages your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn by engaging them in purposeful, developmentally appropriate and self-directed activities. They learn to concentrate, take a break when needed, and re-engage in a deep period of concentration. The flexibility of this environment allows all children’s needs to be fully nurtured,regardless of ability, social maturity, or learning style.

Come of Age

These mixed-aged groups create communities of learners! The youngest children look up to the oldest children who are accomplished at moving slowly, speaking quietly, and focusing on their work. The oldest students remember how the older children in their first year helped them, and so consider it an honor to fill that role, now that they have “come of age.”

Mark of Achievement

There are many benefits for all children, but for the oldest children, assuming these positions of leadership is, along with their more academic work, a mark of achievement. This achievement they earn is not for awards or outward recognition, but is intrinsically motivated and comes with a sense of having “arrived.” Our Montessori academy admits children with the expectation that they will complete our Montessori program, graduating to first grade.

Primary (Preschool) Routines and Activities

  • 7:00am — 8:30am
Arrival/Daily Greeting/Contact With Parents
  • 8:30am — 11:30am
Morning Work
– Cycle (snack available)
  • 11:30am — 12:00pm

Outdoor Play

  • 12:00pm — 12:30pm

Lunch and Half Day Pick-up

  • 1:00pm — 3:00pm

Nap or Afternoon Work Cycle

  • 3:00pm — 6:00pm

Snack/After School Activities


"He surprises me everyday with how capable he is."

My little dude is flourishing at PVMA. He surprises me everyday with how capable he is. Thank you!
-Drew D

"So many amazing people who are so positive and kind."

So happy and blessed to be a part of a great community and so many amazing people who are so positive and kind. ❤ PVMA
-Holly S

"His teachers have been great."

We’ve had our son at PVMA since January and seen a huge change in his personality and development since! His teachers have been great and very open with their techniques in working with our son and he really seems to enjoy going every day!
-Blake P

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