If you were going to get a new job, wouldn’t you want one that’s part of a growing establishment? We’re happy to say that that’s exactly what’s happening with Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy. For nearly 10 years we have welcomed families to our Golden Valley location, but we saw the need for Montessori childcare and preschool education in Eden Prairie and opened our second early childhood education center there. Why the growth? Parents everywhere are looking for new and innovative ways to get their children excited about education, and Montessori is certainly tailored in those ways. And it’s not just us who are growing…


We believe that Montessori teaching is the best way for children to learn. And while we certainly respect those in the public school system, budgetary concerns often mean that teachers are overburdened. There are simply too many students per teacher in public schools, meaning that each child isn’t getting enough attention.

That’s just one of the reasons that Montessori schools are growing. Another is that the structure of Montessori education is such that it teaches children from a very young age how to learn, and gets them to recognize the ways in which they learn best.


We couldn't be more proud of our staff at all three schools! We’ve assembled a team that is devoted to the students and to the methods of Montessori education, one that truly believes that we can make a difference in the lives of our fellow humans. We take our time when we hire a new teacher because we want to ensure that we — and the students — will be getting the best possible educator possible.


One of the more unique aspects of our Montessori school is our parent involvement. Unlike some traditional programs, we invite parents to play an active role in their child’s learning. As a Montessori Guide or Assistant with us, you will not only feel support from your team, but from your community of parents as well!


  • Competitive Salaries
  • Career path opportunities and mentorship
  • Extensive health benefits
  • Tuition Sponsorship
  • Unlimited continuing education
  • Volunteer opportunities


"This place has changed my life."

My son started at Peaceful Valley Montessori Academy two years ago and my husband and I are so thankful that we found it! We toured several childcare centers before walking into PVMA and instantly knew this was the place for our family. The teachers used calm voices and spoke at the child’s level, the classrooms were full of engaging activities and there were no toys with blaring lights and sounds to keep the children occupied. It was the first place we walked into that felt like a place we could call home instead of a center. Fast forward two years and wow has this place changed my life as well. I loved the atmosphere and Montessori philosophy so much that I left my business career behind to get a Montessori certification and become a Lead Teacher here! I can’t recommend PVMA highly enough.

Amanda J.

"It is a joy to come to work every day"

I work with well trained amazing teachers, assistants and aids each and every day who do what is best for the children. The owners and director have an open door policy for staff and parents and will talk about anything and everything. The building is beautiful and it is a joy to come to work every day

Allison P.

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